25 Years of Client Service
Services - PR
Media Campaigns - Having a strategic, cohesive plan for engaging the media is crucial. Our media relations work is results-oriented, and our relationships with key editors are a function of the value we bring them in developing the right stories for the right publications. We tailor our communications program to fit your organization's needs.
Media Training - Talking to a reporter can be a daunting experience. We train spokespeople to deal with any situation and communicate points clearly with print media, radio or TV reporters. Our coaching enables you to feel confident and make sure your key points are communicated.
Corporate Communications - Telling your company's story is about strengthening relationships and managing reputations. Aligning your messages is crucial to increasing shareholder value, engaging employees and growing your customer base. With more than 25 years of corporate communications expertise, we build an organization's credibility and reputation through a multi-layered approach.
Crisis Communications - Whether it is litigation involving your company or unfavorable breaking news, we provide strategies to help you prepare effective statements, handle press inquiries and mitigate damage. We also help you create a viable plan so that you're prepared the next time a crisis surfaces.
Social Media - We take a real world approach to engage audiences and reinforce brand awareness. Our social media campaigns fuse traditional PR with an online PR approach that embraces listening to what is being said and getting involved in the conversation with dialogues that engage online communities.
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